Saturday, June 24, 2017

Moon Glow 2

Jake woke up first, rubbed his eyes and focused on the mesh ceiling vent of his tent. Overnight, a daddy-long-legs spider had climbed up the tent underneath the rain fly and parked himself there to enjoy their body heat rising from within the tent instead of suffering the coolness and falling dew of the overnight night air. Of course, the little fellow couldn’t get inside the tent, but he would eventually get hungry and go for a walk later. Victoria looked so pretty as she slept. Jake pulled the blanket up over her shoulders a bit. As carefully as he could, he put on his jeans and t-shirt, grabbed some clean clothes and shaving kit out of his duffel bag, found his shower shoes and quietly unzipped the insect screen and opened the tent flap. There was a light, early morning fog, but the red ball of the sun was still visible just about an inch or two above the horizon. It looked to be a nice day ahead.

Last night’s campfire was still glowing faintly, so Jake thought if he raked the glowing coals into a pile and added some small twigs on top with some medium sized pieces of wood on top of those, that maybe there would be a small campfire by the time he returned from the bath house. Being confident about it, he added the fire-grate over the top of the fire pit and walked the path toward a nice warm shower. This was going to feel great. It did.

As he left the bath house and walked up the trail, he could faintly smell the awesome aroma of frying bacon. Someone is going to have a great breakfast, he thought. As he got closer to his site, the aroma got stronger. Victoria, dressed only in shorts and a t-shirt, was kneeling over a cast iron frying pan resting on the fire grate. As he got closer, he could see that she had raked the coals of the fire that he started over to the side of the pit and was cooking breakfast. There was a coffee pot and another pan of near-boiling water heating as well. She heard Jake shuffling in the grass and looked over her shoulder with a smile. “Good morning! Breakfast will be ready in a jiffy.”

Jake responded as he looked over her handiwork, “Clearly, you have some woodland skills. I’m impressed. What’s for breakfast?”

“Instant oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon, coffee, fresh strawberries and BA-CON!” She laughed through her exaltation. Clearly, she loved bacon. “Did you get a shower? How’s the water?”

“Good. You have to push the button about six times before the water gets hot enough. The shower is timed to spray for only a minute or so for each push before it shuts off, but it’s about the perfect temperature. You just have to get there before the crowd uses up all the hot water.”

“I’ll go after breakfast, so you can do the dishes. Ha-ha!”

“I see. It’s like that is it? ...  Sure, no problem.” There wouldn’t be much to do. A couple of spoons, a fork, long-handled tongs, two coffee cups and two plastic bowls, maybe the skillet. Bacon grease makes a good fire starter for later. The skillet will have to wait. The paper plates and napkins would be a snap.

When Victoria returned from the shower house, Jake had done the dishes and installed a makeshift para-cord clothesline between a couple of trees where his own towel was hanging to dry with plenty of room for Victoria’s towel. She opened the rear of the SUV and stuffed her clothes into the separate bag they brought for their dirty laundry. Clearly, this wasn’t Jake’s first camping rodeo. He seemed to have thought of everything. The fog was beginning to burn off and Jake was sitting over on the furniture pad/blanket they had watched the meteor shower on the night before. Having a commanding view of the valley below, Jake was looking through his binoculars and didn’t notice Victoria sneak up behind him.

“What-cha looking at?” Victoria couldn’t see anything in the distance thru the fog.

“Nothing really. I think even the red-tailed hawks are still sleeping. Usually they hunt twice a day, but like airplanes, maybe this fog has them socked-in.” Jake put down his binoculars and leaned back on his hands. Victoria knelt down behind him pressing her already hardened nipples into his neck, pulled his face toward the sky with her hands on both sides of his face and kissed him upside down with her full and awesomely shaped lips. She took her time and poked him with her tongue to let her inside, which he instantly did. Kissing upside down was a unique experience with Victoria. It wasn't just a kiss. It was a prelude to sex. She didn’t know any other way to kiss, it seemed. To put it another way, Victoria’s kisses were the spark to his body’s ignition switch and his missile was already rising in his gym shorts. As she slowly pulled her lips away, she looked down at Jake and said, “You’re a handsome guy even upside down.”

Taken aback by her sudden complement, Jake cleared his throat and responded, “So are you .. er, I mean, a pretty woman any which way I look at you.” Getting over his momentary awkwardness he added. “I watched you sleeping this morning. I love to watch you sleep. You are so damned beautiful. How did I get so lucky?”

“Lucky is right, there handsome. Judging from that rocket in your pocket there, you may get even luckier.” Victoria still had his head in her hands and she motioned for him to lay back on the blanket. He moved his arms to his sides as she slowly lowered his head to the blanket laying him flat. She cautiously looked around through the woods in all directions before she pulled her t-shirt up and exposed her heavy pert breasts to Jake’s face still with an upside down view. She reached forward and pulled up Jake’s t-shirt and lightly pressed her hard nipples to his belly and dragged them slowly in a zig-zag all the way back up to his nipples watching his rocket rise inside his shorts. As her nipples found his, she swayed her body so that their nipples touched and teased each other until his nipples became hard against hers. She could feel his heated breath on her tummy as he tried to raise his head and kiss it. Victoria arched her back pressing her nipples tighter into his and tongued his navel while Jake did the same.

Their fresh scented bodies hungered for each other as they tasted each other’s choice of body wash. Victoria brought her knees up so she could lunge forward. With one hand, she pulled the elastic waistband of Jake’s shorts so her lips could caress the tip of Jake’s cock. He wasn’t wearing underwear. Meanwhile, Jake was getting his chin rubbed with Victoria’s pussy through her nylon running shorts as she gyrated her hips to find the perfect spot. She moved forward to totally engulf Jake’s cock inside her hungry mouth and sucked hard on it before she returned her pussy to Jake’s chin and her gyrations. She could feel his heartbeat on her tongue. Jake moved his hands up to push away the cloth that was separating him from the tasty flesh surrounding her precious pussy and did his best to get what he wanted. She wore no panties either. Victoria lunged forward to engulf his cock again and bobbed on it full length twice this time and Jake became frustrated at not being able to taste her as her hard nipples raked his stomach.

Suddenly, there were children laughing on the road behind them and the sound carried through the trees. Victoria stopped and rolled off of Jake as they both sat up facing each other as if they were engaged in conversation. They each licked their lips at each other and grinned a knowing grin. “At the risk of spoiling the mood, shouldn’t we try to do something to enjoy our being here in the woods away from most of civilization?” Being interrupted during sex didn’t make Jake happy, but it was pretty risky behavior considering this was a public and nearly full campground this weekend. That’s what made it more exciting.

“Sure, I guess so, but what are you gonna do with that? Victoria said, pointing to his boner.

“I’m gonna save it for later. Do you know how to keep a hard-on, don’t you?” Jake grinned.

“No. Since I don’t have one of those things, maybe you should tell me.”

“Simple. Don’t fuck with it.”

“Ha-ha, you have a joke for everything. Don’t you.”

“Laughter is good medicine. Isn’t that why we came to the woods? To get away from all the crap of working in the city?”

“Let’s go for a walk. Get the trail map while I change my clothes.”

After they had both changed their clothes to long pants, lightweight long-sleeved shirts impregnated with insect repellant, hiking shoes and hats, they zipped and tied the tent flaps and got in the SUV to find the trailhead parking lot. Jake gave Victoria a sheathed knife to keep on her belt for any reason she might need it - you never know. The path they chose was rated at difficult - not only for the challenge, but also for the privacy. The reasoned that the kids would never try a difficult trail until they discovered what an easy trail was like. If they found a secluded place along the trail where they could steal a kiss and cop a feel of each other’s body, undisturbed, perhaps they could enjoy their walk a little more. Anything else they could getaway with would be a bonus. As they arrived, they were glad to see that their car would be the only car in the parking area.

Jake dug out his EDC (every day carry) bag which had all sorts of survival gear in it in case they got lost. It was just good practice to have this stuff for when the world goes to hell, the power grid blows-up and self-reliance becomes the only way one can live. In truth, the only things - if any - he expected to use were the two rain ponchos or the space blankets or maybe flashlights and fire starting equipment or the hand-crank generator to recharge their cell phones, if needed. For self-protection, the bag also included a small Walther 9 mm handgun and extra magazine, but he didn’t tell Victoria about that for her own safety. She might worry unnecessarily. After all, there are very few criminal highway men operating along the forest roads, these days.

This trail was only 2.5 miles in length, but listed as difficult which usually means some decent hills or fairly rugged terrain. It also featured some awesome overlooks and vistas. There was also Wolf Cave noted along the trail, but with no description. That’s why we explore, he told her when they selected the trail. The car locked and Jake loaded down with gear, they took off down the trail. It seemed easy at first; very wide, well marked with only a slight rise in elevation at first. The fog had lifted by now and that meant mosquitos could fly. They only hoped the insect repellant worked. If not, there was more in the EDC bag.

They were in no hurry and were taking in the scenery, listening to the birds and catching the faint smell of woodland wildflowers in the air. If Jake saw anything interesting, he stopped to photograph it. They came upon a tree stump of a tree that had been cut down to clear path. It had been dead for a long time, but had to be cut down before it fell down on hikers passing-by. “Hey, Victoria. Why don’t you give me a pose over here on this tree stump. There is a nice clear view deep into the woods behind you.”

Victoria started to sit on the stump, but decided that was too boring, so she propped one foot on the stump and assumed the explorer pose of shading her eyes with a flat hand and looking off into the distance. Jake clicked away as if she were a professional model. Victoria was loving the center stage. She finally said, “Stop. Gimme a minute.” She pulled her shirt out of her pants and unbuttoned it all the way down, slipped it off her shoulder exposing her right breast and allowing the left side to open without exposing her nipple.

Jake had gotten every step of her unbuttoning procedure, but closed in tighter with his zoom lens and caught the sweet light which bathed her breast in luscious 3-D lighting including a sunbeam dancing off her nipple like it was all planned that way. “That will be my favorite shot. I can’t wait to get these uploaded to my 22” Desktop monitor. You’d better button up before the mosquitos taste your sweet blood. They’ll eat you alive before I even get another chance.”

Victoria heard the familiar buzzing sound around her ear and immediately did just that. “Hey, it’s dangerous to pose in the woods!”

“Now you know why Sports Illustrated never does their swimsuit edition in the forest. Did you get bit?”

“I don’t think so. Let’s move on. I think we’re done here. Don’t you?”

“I could photograph you for days and days, Victoria.”

Together they tramped the hard dirt trail and stopped to look at any and every oddity that nature portrayed here that wasn’t on display in the city. They crossed a small footbridge over a little creek that swelled with runoff rain and so was longer than in needed to be today for the trickle that it was today. The hills seemed to rise and rise before they hit open skies, but the park rangers had thought of everything. If hikers couldn’t handle the steep trail, there was a switchback trail they could take and end up in the same place, but it wasn’t marked on the map. They came to an overlook vista where the rangers had installed a concrete and thick wooden bench for resting and enjoying the view. They didn’t physically need the rest, they just wanted it and to enjoy the view. By now, they began to perspire and the breeze blowing through there would cool their skin. Jake reached into the side pocket of the EDC and pulled out his 40 oz. aluminum water container and offered Victoria a drink.

“It’s triple filtered water. I filter it coming into the house, filter it coming out of the faucet and filter it again when I fill the Brita pitcher in the refrigerator. I filled this just before we left.” He handed her the bottle and she took a long drink just before he warned her. “Don’t drink too much or you may get stomach cramps. The trick is to drink before you get thirsty and keep hydrated along the way.”

“Good to know. Cheers!” Then, she took another drink, rinsed out her mouth and spit it into the bushes.  “How far is the cave?”

Jake looked at the trail map and tried to compute. “Probably not far.”

“Jake, do you wonder how many couples like us have stopped here and had sex on this bench? Do you think they should have put notches on it to keep score? I read once that prostitutes in the old west did that to make sure their madams weren’t cheating them out of money since many of them couldn’t read or write.”

“Ha-ha, I hadn’t heard that one but it wouldn’t surprise me. I used to think that western bad men cut notches on their gun handles to mark how many people they had killed. I saw it in a couple of old movies. There might have been one actual bad guy that did that, but several movies copied that idea.”

Victoria laid down lengthwise on the bench and threw one foot up over the backrest and placed the other flat on the ground and tried to get comfortable. She wiggled and squirmed but couldn’t get comfortable that way. Then, she got up on her knees on the bench, folded her arms on the backrest and thrust her bottom backward. The way the bench was made was too hard on her knees. Jake got a kick out of watching her and smiled. Giving up on possible sexual positions, she looked for notches - just for fun. There weren’t any. She was putting on a big show and Jake loved looking at her ass in those tight jeans. It was almost heart-shaped - his favorite kind.

“Let’s go find this cave and see if there is a rock or something we can bang each other on.” Jake loved the show, but he also wanted to hike before it got unbearably hot in these woods. Up at the top of this hill the path turned left and down a little hill before going right back up again and there was a creek at the bottom which the park service had taken care of with a huge pipe and covered it with rocks and dirt, but there were handrails on both sides of the trail. The climb up the next hill was a good bit steeper but there were railroad ties set cross ways which acted a steps up to the top. Finally, out of breath and sweaty, they reached the top and the vista they wanted to see. This was the only trail that had this view overlooking the lake through the trees like a window. It was good enough place to stop and catch their breath.

Jake raised his camera to catch Victoria as the sunlight grazed her golden hair giving her a halo glow. He got two shots off before Victoria complained. “Jake, please. I’m sweaty, my hair is a mess and I really don’t feel very pretty right now.”

Typical woman, Jake thought, but he said, “I just wanted to catch that golden halo the sun was creating around your hair. It was awesome.” Jake took a few more of the area and of Victoria. She had posed for him a time or two when they first got started together and created some pretty good stuff. It was hard NOT to take a good picture of Victoria because her face was symmetrical, her eyes were of equal size and her smile lit up her face. As a photographer Jake had observed that most people had one eye larger than the other - it was pretty normal. When doing head shots, you always shoot into the smaller eye with a 3/4 pose and let the illusion of perspective even out their sizes. Most people don’t even notice, but photographers are trained to notice.

“Is that the Wolf Cave up there under those rocks?” Victoria asked.

Jake consulted his trail map and estimated their location as best he could. “It could be. We’re pretty close, I think.” As they drew closer to the rock out-cropping, they saw a small opening around to the right. It was just big enough to stoop over and stick your head into. As they stopped, Jake got into his EDC bag and pulled out his headlight and extra flashlight for Victoria and turned them both on to go inside. Neither had any idea what they would find in there. It was cooler as they stoop-walked a little farther inside when the cave made a turn to the right. A few steps more was all the farther they could go before they came upon a rock wall with an large slab rock and the rocky-muddy cave floor. Jake turned off his headlight. Victoria turned off her little survivor flashlight and the cave was totally dark. “Turn on your flashlight so we can at least sit on that flat rock over by the wall and take advantage of nature’s air conditioning for a while.”

Victoria turned on her flashlight. Jake’s mouth fell open wide. She had already taken off her shirt and dropped her jeans down to her knees and was standing near the flat rock. “Let’s play, Jake.” She smiled.

“Well, ... this will be interesting.” Jake commented. He walked over to her and opened his shirt along the way dropping his EDC on the cave floor. He wanted to feel her air-cooled nipples against his chest. He reached out his arms for her and she turned out the flashlight. The residual image of her in his mind told him right where she would be and that’s just where he found her as he closed his arms around her, hugging her tightly, skin to skin and kissing her cool lips to warm them with his. His hands rubbed up and down the smooth skin of her back and down to squeeze her butt a few times before he pulled her shoulders closer. Victoria’s hands did likewise under his unbuttoned, but still hanging from his shoulders shirt. She wiggled a bit to match her nipples up with his. In the coolness of the cave air, the feeling was electric. Jake bent down to warm them with kisses and proper tongue attention while his hand reached down to keep her pussy warm from the cool drafty cave air. He used his middle finger to enter her external folds and find her hot button. Victoria, took a long, deep breath when he found it and clawed his back with her fingers, but not her nails.

Jake moved to pay attention to her other nipple as the cool cave air chilled the first one. They were such a well-matched twins with perfectly circular areolas, he dared not show any favoritism. His busy finger was getting wetter and he was able to massage her tender area with two or three fingers, pinching and rolling the hooded area over her clitoris and causing Victoria to cry out through her breath. She wanted him soon. He wanted her more. He broke his lip-lock on her nipple, found her shirt in the dark and lowered her bottom onto it. Then, he poked his head under her raised knees placing her jeans and muddy boots over his shoulders before scooting her ass to the edge of the rock so he could feast on her sweet pussy. Victoria rubbed his back up and down with passion then grabbed his head with one hand and leaned back and supported herself with the other. Leaning backwards that way gave him better access to her precious pearl and her hand would help guide him gently. She wondered how a loud orgasmic cry would echo in this small cave. They both could soon find out.

He couldn’t see her face in the cave’s darkness, but he could feel her tension as his tongue reached as far as it could inside her tunnel. Soon her muscles would quiver and he would know. Victoria’s breaths became shallow and her thighs squeezed-in on Jake’s head. Subconsciously, her boot heals dug into Jake’s back to pull him closer before she began to buck against his face before her release. Jake reached up to run his hands over her breasts, give her nipples a tender pinch and gave her pussy one last long lick from top to her rosette bottom, then back up again. She wasn’t expecting that, but it reminded her of something. Jake struggled to lift his face out of her joy spot and duck under her legs and try to stand up. He found where he dropped his headlight and turned it on. Victoria wanted to lay back and recover, but that flat rock wasn’t big enough.

Victoria noticed the bulge in Jake’s Levi’s and reached for his belt buckle and unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. She noticed they were red and cut in a couple of places from the rocky floor, but that didn’t stop her hungry mouth as she licked her lips, then licked the head of his cock before plunging her face as far forward on it that she could. When she got him in as far as her tonsils would allow, she closed her teeth and bit on him, but not very hard, then sucked as hard as she could while pulling back. She wanted to give him some really good head right there and then, but that thought walked through her mind again. She pumped him over and over as he seemed to get harder and his balls drew up tight against him. She gave him one more slow stroke with her tight lips and said, “I’m getting cold in here. Can I finish this when we get back to camp?”

It was getting cold. By now, all their perspiration had dried and cooled their skin to the touch. Jake was so close to coming, but he wouldn’t mind starting over later. There would be more pleasure in that than to come-off right now, but for now he was going to be frustrated for a while. “I guess so. I was looking to getting some cave-pussy, too, but I guess we can go now.” As he buttoned up and zipped up, he tried to hide his look of disappointment. After all, he had taken care to make sure Victoria got off, didn’t he? She always made it up to him in one way or another.

They hiked back to camp and just dumped their stuff. It was a difficult trail after all. He hoped no one saw Victoria’s muddy boot heal marks on the back of his shirt and wonder how that happened. He’d literally be tongue-tied to answer that question. Victoria asked, “I’m gonna fix a cold ham and cheese sandwich with some chips. You want one too?”

“Yeah, that sounds great. I should be full of food with all the pussy I ate today, but I’m not.” he laughed.

“Jake, keep your voice down. Are you kidding me? By the way, thanks for the snack back there in the cave. I’m gonna want the full course meal of that later.”

Jake could only smile and joke, “Would you like fries with that?”

After their lunch, the took a break from the mid-day sun and heat and took off their hot, long clothes and put on their shorts and t-shirts again. “You know, tonight is going to be prime viewing of the Perseids, so we might want to take a little nap this afternoon.”

“Good idea, Jake. It’s a big event for you and I wouldn’t want to miss it. Besides, we can snuggle in here together. That’s always nice. We did get up a little early this morning. I thought we were getting away from the routine of city life for a few days.”

“We are. Let’s start now.” Jake hugged Victoria and kissed her on the neck and licked along her collar bone tasting her dried perspiration from the hike. “Mmm, salty.”

“Jake, do you want to start something now? I thought you wanted to take a nap?”

“Well, I’m still a little wound up from this morning. I thought we could finish what we started.”

Victoria reached into his gym shorts and cradled his balls for a minute and then stroked his cock on her way to pulling her hand out with a snap of the waistband elastic. “I’ll take care of you, Jake. I promise.” She kissed him long and tenderly before getting comfortable on top of the sleeping bag. Jake laid down behind her, slipped his arm underneath her neck, adjusted his pillow and spooned-in behind her. His semi-hard cock rested in her butt cleavage and she didn’t move except to snuggle it closer to him. He nibbled and tongue kissed her earlobe a little bit, kissed her neck, then put his head down to rest draping his arm around her waist and holding her hand in his.

Since they had put their tent in a shady spot, it was hard to tell the position of the sun but the color of the light had changed to golden. They must have slept at least a couple of hours by the time Jake opened his eyes. Victoria was gone. Jake just rolled over on his back and stared at the insect netting where he noticed the daddy-long-legs earlier this morning. Of course, he was gone - moved on during the summer heat of the afternoon. Jake got up, unzipped the insect screen and stepped out of the tent and looked around. It was late afternoon and the SUV was also gone. He walked over to the cooler and pulled out a beer that had been chilling in the ice, which was nearly melted ice water by now. Downing half of it in a few swallows, he didn’t realize how thirsty he was. That first one always goes down fast. He reached in the cooler to pull out another one before all the ice melted. He should have had water, but where was the fun in that?

As Victoria backed up the SUV into the parking spot, Jake stood up from his folding chair and put his binoculars in the seat and walked over to her. She popped open the tailgate and grabbed the big bag of ice. “Do you think this will last us a while?” she asked.

“I was hoping that you would bring back some ice. I didn’t realize how low we were. I started drinking the beer so that it didn’t go to waste and to leave more room in the cold water for the food stuff. What else did you get?”

“Well, that’s as good of an excuse as any. That’s okay. It’s Saturday night. I want some too. Now, help me with this ice.” Together, they rearranged the cooler, drained out some of the water over the hill and dumped-in the large bag of ice. Victoria pulled a long neck out of the ice for herself. “You ready for another one?” She could see that he already had a fresh one, judging by the remaining inventory, probably his third. Victoria smiled to herself. ‘He’s almost ready.’

They adjourned themselves to their chairs overlooking the valley and the hills beyond to watch the setting sun with their beers. Victoria had a new magazine - the kind that men never read. She had seen an article headlined on the cover and she bought the magazine to finish that article and another one related to it. This magazine always had an article or two about how to spark your love life. Victoria thought her love life with Jake needed no sparks at all. Both of them were in a constant state of arousal in each other’s presence - even when they were apart, it was sometimes difficult not to think about it. As she read the article, she thought she’d better have Jake good and relaxed for what she had in mind for later. They didn’t keep score and they didn’t reward or punish each other with sex. In their minds, it was always a spontaneous gift to the other. Although they never used the “L” word, there was an unstated bond of lust and trust between them.

Victoria read her magazine articles, finished her beer and got up to get herself another one while Jake was looking through his binoculars for something to occupy his attention and to keep his mind off of sex. He didn’t want Victoria to get the impression that was the only reason for them to be together. She was fantastic in that area, but there were other parts of her being that he truly respected and admired. They had so many things in common but yet came from so different backgrounds. He often thought, what are the odds of finding some like that?

Victoria came back with two beers and gave Jake one of them. “Figured you’d be as ready as I was.”, then winked a wicked eye with a grin. Jake’s brain was feeling a little on the relaxed side at this point, but he leaned over to kiss her holding her head so she couldn’t back away before he got the kiss he wanted. His eyes had the love-look that she knew so well. He backed away and stroked her arm and hand, then her bare leg beyond her shorts.

“I love kissing you AND your body.” He stated it as if the two were separate things.

“And I love it when you do, too.” Victoria responded. “Come on.” She grabbed what was left of his beer and poured it out on the ground along with hers. Jake looked suddenly dejected at the waste of good beer. She reached down and massaged his package thru his shorts just to feel it harden under her soft and deliberate touch. That definitely got his mind off the beer and back onto where she wanted it - having sex with her. She stood up with two beer bottles in one hand and Jake’s hand in the other and walked around the chairs toward the tent, dropping the empty bottles in their trash bag with a clank.

Inside the tent, Jake sat on the bed they’d made as Victoria tied the tent flaps and zipped up the insect screen. Jake took off his shirt because he felt sure that Victoria would do the same. She did and laid down beside him after she kicked off her socks. They always left their shoes outside. She propped herself up on one elbow and slowly rubbed Jake’s chest, shoulders and belly slowly, over and over again. Jake laid flat with his arms over his head, like the dog he was and let her re-awaken his physical senses. He dared not close his eyes. Victoria was too lovely to miss. She reached up and let her hair loose from it’s ponytail and shook it out and running her fingers through to fluff it out more. Then she dragged her golden mane over Jake’s body from his to the bottom of his navel, but decided that wasn’t enough. She caught Jake’s shorts by the elastic waistband and pulled as Jake raised his butt off the sleeping bag to help her. She tossed them away then used her wavy locks to whip Jake’s erect cock and balls, then brush back and forth. Jake could only sigh and breathe.

She soon replaced her hair tactic with dragging her hard-pointed nipples over his skin. She wet her fingers with saliva and coated her right breast nipple and used her hand to guide her nipple to awaken Jake’s left nipple before moving so that Jake could suck on it and she could suck on his. Her hand reached down to monitor his hardness. This always worked with Jake. He loved it as much as she did. She traced her tongue across to his other nipple and swirled her tongue around it before licking it furiously up and down, then leaving it with a hard suction kiss. Slowly she moved down his chest and belly to the thin row of hairs of his treasure trail leading right to his lengthening cock.

She moved her body to separate Jake’s legs and kneeled between them. She suspended her body between her hands and arms and leaned forward to capture the head of Jake’s cock using her lips and suction doing her best. It was awkward so she used her whole mouth and sucked him in just past the head. She sucked on it and swirled her tongue around it and around it, never touching it with her hands. While keeping constant sucking pressure, she would pull back her head as if to pull and stretch Jake’s cock - not that it needed it - but it gave him a different kind of feeling. Occasionally, she would take him in deeper. She read about this technique in her magazine and she wanted to literally do a field test. So far, so good. Jake was getting harder and his hips wanted to buck upward so she would take him all the way in, but holding the suspense was part of her plan - as torturous as it may have seemed.

Finally, she pulled back with a loud pop of suction from his cock head. “How was that?” she asked.

“Oooh. I want more of you so bad. You’re not going to leave me like this, are you?”

“No way. I did that once to you already today. Get ready. I’m going to empty your balls and I know just how to do it.” She used her lips to regain control of his hard cock and lathered him up with her saliva for a few strokes before going down deep and sucking it all off as she withdrew. She tried to deep throat, but her gag reflex was strong. Still, she gave him everything she had and then reached out her tongue to lick what she could of his balls while holding his cock deep inside her mouth. She sat up and moved her hands to pull his knees up and then resumed sucking and licking his cock until he was as hard as he could stand it. One her way back down his length, this time she didn’t stop, but kept going and licked his balls and the skin area on either side of his cock and inner thighs before going lower. She found a couple of Jake’s ‘ahh’ places and mentally marked where they were and then went back up to pay attention to his cock to keep it hard.

Tracing her tongue back down his cock and balls, this time she went further south now that she had full access to his nether regions with his knees raised. Kissing and tonguing the skin between his balls and his ass sphincter raised another ‘ahh’ from Jake. Lower yet, she licked and tasted until she got to his rosebud and she lubricated it well with her saliva while swirling around the outside of it. Jake let out a low groan of pleasure. “Oh, god, that feels sooo goood.” He barely whispered under his breath. Victoria continued with her tongue as her hand reached up to slowly stroke his cock at the same time. This was pleasure that Jake never had. She had read that a man could actually achieve orgasm by this outer rim stimulation alone, but Victoria wanted to try give him even more pleasure. At least, she wanted to try. She didn’t believe everything she ever read in magazines, but if she thought it would give Jake pleasure, she was willing to try it. He would do the same for her, and often has.

She licked her way back up his balls to his shaft again and tasted the drops of pre cum that had oozed from his cock head. “Mmm, salty.” She said and then sucked him hard for some more, all while her hands were busy cupping his balls and massaging them so he wouldn’t cum until she wanted him to. This wasn’t a dominance game, just delayed pleasures. For surely, to make pleasure last longer is preferable to a quick orgasm. Quickies have their time and place, but not today. Not for Jake this time. It gave Victoria a pleasure in her own pants to give Jake pleasures any way she could. Jake had actually cum in his own pants while giving her pleasure yesterday. For sure, he was about ready now to try something new, but she wanted to move slowly.

Her mouth let go of his cock and she lowered her head to refocus on his anal rosebud with her tongue as her hand rubbed carefully up and down his balls and cock to keep him stimulated. She continued to lubricate his sphincter and tried not to smile at his pleasure sounds. She put her index finger in her mouth and coated it well but then changed her mind. She got up and grabbed the lube from her duffel bag quickly because she was in the zone and so was Jake. As she rubbed his cock and licked his balls, she tenderly pressed her wet lubed fingertip around his sphincter muscles, then pushed it into his ass hole ever so slowly and left it there until he relaxed. “Ooo-oo, .. ah-ah.” was all Jake could utter. Then, she removed her finger up to the first joint before reinserting it. Jake felt a little pressure pain as this was an unknown, but Victoria kept it up for a few strokes before leaving her finger in and making a ‘come hither’ motion inside his ass, directly against his prostate gland and asked Jake, “You like that?”

Jake was surprised at how good it felt. He had no idea. He whispered through his breathe again, “Yes, very much. Oh, god.”

Victoria kept up her internal massage as she sucked on his cock, swirling her tongue around and around the head while maintaining suction on it. As his breathing became more rapid, Victoria decided that enough was enough. She put him through some things today and it was time for Jake to finally and totally relax. She increased her internal massage while holding firm on his cock head with her lips. When he came, she wanted it all. She was sure it would be a big load. Faster and faster she massaged, until her forearm muscle started to hurt, so she changed tactics and used her straight finger to plunge in and out of Jake’s tight ass hole. Finally, she got the clues she was hoping for. His balls drew up tight against his body, his breathing became erratic and his hips bounced on the air mattress. Victoria spit on her finger to maintain lubrication, but just then, Jake started to shoot his cum over his stomach. She grabbed his cock with her hand and put it back into her mouth to catch all of what she could as she continued to massage him through his ass. He just kept spewing his creamy hot lava into the back of her throat. Victoria coughed as she was surprised by a spurt as she attempted to breathe, but quickly cleared herself and resumed swallowing and sucking out all of his man seed.

When he had finished, she sucked out all that she could and licked up and down his cock to get what was left, leaving her finger in his ass until the muscles relaxed. She squeezed his cock from the bottom to the top as if there were one more small drop left for her to taste before sucking the rest of his first shot from his stomach muscles. As Jake’s cock began to soften, his body relaxed and Victoria quickly removed her finger from its hiding place. Jake tried to sit up, but he couldn’t. Victoria had her hand firmly on his chest to hold him down. She moved up beside him and rolled him over onto his side, then she spooned-in behind him with her nipples in his back and her arm around her lover.

Jake tried to speak, but had to clear his throat. “Are we going to sleep through the meteor shower tonight? This whole trip was to watch the meteor shower.”

“We won’t miss a thing, Jake. Besides, you are the only ‘shooting star’ that I need to keep my eyes on.”

Jake smiled. He felt completely drained of energy, of words and of semen. He needed to recharge a little bit, but it was still early enough to build a small fire for supper. Tonight was steak and baked potato night on the grill. Then, take a nice warm shower as the evening cooled and watch the Perseids in their peak display. Somehow, those things weren’t as important now as having Victoria make love with him. Jake managed to think of only two words to say, but he meant them as a complement, in gratitude and in respect; “Thank-you.”

Victoria smiled, “Shhh. Rest a while. I’ll be right here.”

(Words 7,369)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Moon Glow

Jake had missed the mid-August Perseid meteor shower for the past two years because weather forecasts predicted cloudy conditions or rain. Then again, living in the city didn’t help either due to light pollution, as they call it at the college planetarium. Jake first got interested in the heavenly bodies when his grandparents took him to planetarium shows as a junior high school student. There was a small, private college in town that had it’s own telescope and on clear nights, they would focus-in on the rings of Saturn. The planetarium, itself was downstairs and offered shows to the public about the planets in our solar system and sometimes star constellations. Jake couldn’t see the patterns in the stars until they drew-in the lines connecting what the ancients saw as people, animals and things. It sure took a lot of imagination to figure out that stuff. He just remembered that the big empty space above the three stars in Orion’s belt was his head. That always got a chuckle.

One summer, while at summer camp, the troop leaders woke up everyone from sleeping at about 11:00 pm, took attendance and marched 110 kids and leaders out to the grassy area of the softball outfield and told everyone to keep looking up. The grass smelled like some chemical. The maintenance crews, aware of the evening’s plans, took advantage of the afternoon and sprayed the whole area for insects like mosquitoes, chiggers and ticks so they wouldn’t cause problems. The night air of August was cool, but comfortable and the night sky was without moonlight. Once the group was all settled-in, one of the councilors took his flashlight and walked back to the camp headquarters to shut-off the power to the entire camp proper, which made the skies go black except for the shining stars. One of the kids asked, “What are we looking for? Space ships from Mars or something?”

“Just be patient, campers. This is the first night of the  Perseid meteor shower. Does anyone know what that is?”

One camper spoke up and said, “Ahh, it’s just a bunch of shooting stars.” Clearly, he wanted to be back in his bunk sleeping. Most of these kids lived in the city and were never made aware because they couldn’t see them anyway under city street lights. This was a new educational experience for them as they sat or laid back in the grass, wide-eyed and looking up.

Jake had always felt connected to the Cosmos, but not enough to study Astronomy - too much advanced math. He loved it for what it seemed to be from where he was at the moment. One night while bivouacked on a mountain top in California, during Marine Infantry Training, he got up in the middle of the night to hit the head, when he was awestruck at the sight of the giant ring of stars of the Milky Way Galaxy overhead in the total darkness. Being near a mountaintop, he felt as if his whole body was floating among the stars. He wanted to raise his arms to fly just to see how far he could go into space.

Flashbacks aside, this year would be special - unique and different. Jake had finally met a fellow traveler. Victoria had, by every definition, a heavenly body. She exuded the kind of sexiness that every man wanted to get into and Jake was the lucky prize winner and he knew it. She was witty, smart and always smelled nice, too. Her long, wavy blonde hair and electric blue eyes attracted him at first, but later seemed to electrocute his soul deep inside. It was painful to be without her. Her shape was slightly curvy, but not willowy and her breasts stood proudly and heavily on their own, but she still wore a bra. She had met him through a blog site and laughingly called him a “Nerf Nerd” in his comments section. (Nerf, you know, those spongy toys that kids play with?) Finally, Jake had to ask, “What the hell is a Nerf Nerd?”

It took a couple of days - Victoria let him stew on it a little - then responded, “Same thing as a regular nerd but you can’t hurt anybody. LOL”

And so, it began those months ago. Since then, things for Jake couldn’t have been better. Victoria was truly unique. Jake didn’t know if she would like camping, being a city girl, but Jake had always loved it. He wanted to combine camping with the viewing of the Perseids this year so he could use his new binoculars and telescope. Besides, he wanted Victoria to share some of the things that he enjoyed away from their lusty boudoir sessions. He didn’t even care if they didn’t have sex if their minds could connect in the Cosmos as in some of those Richard Bach novels.

Jake took care of everything. He even bought Victoria some new hiking shoes, camouflage leggings and thermal tops, just in case it got cool. It wasn’t her usual style of garb, but she would “look” like she was a veteran of the woodland campaigns. To make things simple, Jake got out his old 9’ x 9’ Coleman tent, set it up and washed it with plain water to get the fire pit ashes off from the last time he used it. Then, to be on the safe side, after it dried, he applied two coats of waterproofing spray to the tent and the rain fly and let it dry in the sun before rolling it back up. As for his old single person sleeping bag, this would simply not do at all. Victoria liked to sleep nude and Jake loved that about her. He ordered the largest two-person sleeping bag and portable air mattress he could find. All the other necessities, stove, lantern, coolers, cookware and insect repellents he already had.

The day before they were to leave, they planned their camp food menus from the online guidebooks, copied recipes and went grocery shopping. It’s not surprising how fast the cart fills-up for a three-day weekend. There is always too much food. With the back end of the SUV fully loaded with gear and grub, they left room in the back seat for their clothing duffel bags. Later, they showered together, helped each other don their bathrobes followed by a long, warm hug and drank wine on the deep sofa by the fireplace while reminding each other that 0600 meant ‘Oh, my god, it’s early.’ The campsite was reserved and paid-for, so all they had to do was get there, get camp set up and maybe grab a bite to eat, but it was 230 miles away. Tonight’s star show was going to be a late show. There was no rush.

Judging from Victoria’s readiness the next morning, Jake was encouraged that she was looking forward to the weekend in the mountains with him, under the stars with just the thickness of waterproofed canvas between them and the elements. She was already dressed, her blonde locks pulled back into a tight ponytail and breakfast was on the table, as Jake scratched his ass and head at the same time staggering toward the coffee pot. Victoria looked hot in those camo leggings and as soon as his eyes could focus, this excitement poked it’s head out of his boxer shorts into the open air. Victoria noticed and smiled, “Do we have time for that?” Jake turned around with his coffee and Victoria bent over, kissed the head of his cock then sat back on her heels to watch him grow. Then, she sucked him all the way inside her mouth - clear back to her tonsils and sucked harder all the way back while withdrawing. He grew larger. She lightly tapped it on the side to watch it wiggle back and forth, then smiled, “Sorry, Jake, we’re on a time schedule here. Finish your coffee. I promise to make it up to you later.”

Jake never argued with her sex logic. If Jake had his way with Victoria’s body, it would be sex all the time, anywhere, in any way. Victoria loved to tease and be the center of his attention, but she always followed through. It was her way of shaking up a Champagne bottle before popping the cork. Just now, she had started the bubbles. Jake could feel it inside his chest.

As Jake paid attention to the driving, Victoria enjoyed the scenery. Every so often, she would reach over the armrest and pat Jake’s package and cup his balls in her hand through his Levi’s. Jake would just smile, but the duties of the road came first. To reciprocate, he reached over to feel her left breast through her clothes and give it a squeeze or lightly pinch her nipple. It was then he discovered that she wore no bra today. The package tightness in his Levi’s got tighter as his mind flashed to the perfection of her breasts. The size and shape that sculptors would love to immortalize in marble. Still, there were gasoline and rest area stops to go before they could make camp, make love and make supper.

Arriving a little behind their predetermined, but flexible time schedule, they checked-in at the Ranger Station and took a map to locate their site, signed some forms and were given a hang tag with their site reservation and expiration date on it. While they were there, Jake bought two bundles of firewood. Their site was far back into the camp grounds and up a steep hill toward the top. Jake turned the SUV around so it could be unloaded easier from the tailgate, then shut down the engine. They both got out and walked over to the camping area. It was great - darned near perfectly overlooking a valley that spread for miles in three directions and the sun would set right smack dab in the center of the vista. “Try finding a place like this in the city.” Jake said. There was a faint smell of pine from the surrounding forest as Jake and Victoria looked at each other, smiled and held each other close while they kissed.

Jake surveyed the area and decided where the tent would go and where everything else would be placed for convenience when needed. “Would you like to help me set-up camp or hunt for small fallen tree branched for firewood?” As Victoria thought about his potentially loaded question, Jake added, “Be cautious of snakes around rock piles and such.”

“I think I’d rather help you, if you can use the help.” Victoria spouted back.

“Of course I can use the help.” Jake smiled. If there were any poisonous snakes around, there would be adequate warnings posted. Other snakes may be in the area, but they always shy away from people. They’re small game hunters and can’t be bothered with people since they’re too big to swallow whole. Victoria showed great spirit for a newbie to camping. Jake never cared for the helpless female role - especially since Women’s Lib. That didn’t make them all more masculine. It helped make them better partners. With the tent, mattress pad and sleeping bag set-up, it was time to move-in.

“We can bring in our clothes and stuff, but we’ll leave the cooler outside. Tonight we’ll have to put it back in the car so that little furry critters won’t eat our stuff.” Jake announced.

“Critters? What KIND of critters?  Like Bears?!”  Victoria almost freaked-out.

Calmly, Jake answered, “Raccoons mostly or opossums - tricky little buggers will steal you blind. People aren’t supposed to feed them anyway because it makes them dependent, which is not good for them in the wild.”

Victoria stooped over to put her nylon clothing bag into the tent and Jake lightly swatted and rubbed her butt cheeks with his hand guiding her inside as he brought his clothing bag in. “Did you intend to initiate the mating ritual with that butt swatting, there Mister?” He recognized that mis-quoted line from a Star Trek movie by a female Klingon and thought, Who is the Nerf nerd, now?

“Victoria, you know I can’t resist your body, no matter what you call what we do.” He tossed his bag over into the corner of the tent and rolled Victoria over onto her back on top of the sleeping bag and air mattress. He held her by the shoulders for a long minute, looking deeply into her eyes and slowly closed the distance between their lips and kissed her softly. “I know you’re not used to this kind of thing, but I appreciate you being a good sport about it. I would never put you in any danger and you should know you’ll be safe with me here.” He kissed her again as she tried to smile. This kiss was better because she seemed to relax at his words and honest feelings toward her. As their kiss broke, she reached down to pull her shirt up and her camo pants down.

“Am I giving you any ideas, Jake?”

“Ooh, an engraved invitation.” Jake stripped off his shirt and helped Victoria with her hiking shoes and pulled her tights off, taking her socks with them. Slowly, he kissed his way back up the inside of her ankles, calves, knees, inner thighs and finally to the heat source he had wanted to get into since breakfast. The bulge in his own Levi’s was putting intense pressure on the zipper, but he continued munching at the “Y”. Jake loved the taste and smell of Victoria’s pussy. He’d weigh another 30 pounds heavier by now if it had calories. Victoria tossed her hair as her right hand reached down to Jake’s head and her left hand cupped her right breast,  tweaking her nipple knowing that it intensified the sensations in her clitoris from Jake's tongue. She squeezed her breast again, then wet her fingertips on her tongue and circled her nipple in pleasure. She wanted Jake and she wanted him deeper. As Jake feasted at her clit, he slowly drifted downward to her love tunnel and tasted her depth, dancing his tongue across her lips as he went.

Victoria was breathing more and more shallow and wanted to climax, but she held back. Wanting Jake’s tongue deeper, she raised her legs up over his head creating better access for Jake who immediately took the hint. With her knees held high, she rested her feet on Jake's shoulders for leverage. As she became more and more excited, her pussy’s sensitivity seemed to move from place to place. Jake was good, but not a mind reader, so she had to help.  As she used her legs to move her pussy up and down on Jake’s tongue, Jake did something surprising. He dipped his face lower and circled his tongue around her tiny, pink bottom rosette. Victoria went wilder and bucked her hips, but Jake circled his arms around her legs from underneath and held her down by her hipbones as he continued circling and diving into her rosebud. Victoria tried to relax, but a huge orgasm was very close now. As her sphincter relaxed, Jake moved his attention back to her pussy lips and clit. He didn’t want to leave her in this state ... or did he - the way she left him in the kitchen this morning? No, women were different in their sexual abilities and could orgasm multiple times if things went right. He liked the dizzying effect orgasm had on Victoria for a few moments after. Now was the time. As he continued tongue lashing at her clit and sucking her labia, Victoria directed him with her leg muscles again. She was close. So very close now. Jake pushed two fingers inside her lusciously lubricated pussy and bent his fingers to ‘come hither’ as he licked and sucked. Then, he removed those fingers and used her own lubrication on her tiny rosebud to circle and circle it to find the sweet spot that made her feel good. Without warning, he pressed his middle finger slowly inside her ass and began thrusting in and out as his index finger did likewise inside her pussy.

It was all Victoria could stand as she bucked and twisted her body while pulling Jake’s hair as she softly cried out. Finally, she relaxed and her breathing returned, but Jake kept up with his stimulation although much slower. Victoria pulled his reddened face and wet, glistening chin away from her pussy because she just couldn’t take any more at the moment. Slowly, Jake removed his fingers and reared back on his knees. A wet spot on the front of his Levi’s confirmed that he had cum, too. She motioned for him to come closer. He moved as close to her face as he could, unsure of what she wanted to do. She unfastened and unzipped his jeans and pulled down his underwear then sucked all the remaining cum off his cock deeply and completely. Then, unsatisfied, she licked it off his underwear, too. “Mmm, keep drinking those fruit juices, baby. You taste good!” She grinned. Jake wanted to get hard again, but he knew that Victoria wasn’t ready for more just yet. She had only been like this one other time and she almost blacked-out from pleasure. When she wanted sex again, Jake would know.

They laid together, half naked on top of the sleeping bag for quite some time without moving. When they woke up, there were still a few things to do, such as make a campfire, set up the chairs, set up the telescope and fix a meal, somewhere in between. First, they had to get dressed. Victoria never did get her top completely off and Jake had his jeans down around his knees. As Jake stood up inside the tent to pull up his pants, Victoria ran her finger up and down her partially inflamed love crevice and circled her wet finger over her right nipple. Jake knelt down and licked and sucked off the tasty snack pulling her entire nipple into his mouth, then swatted Victoria’s ass and said, “Come-on. Get up. I’ll get the campfire lit, so you can cook up one of your fabulous internet campfire recipes.”

“You wore me out. Tonight, it’s gonna be Hobo Dinners.” She said.

“Hhmm, sounds good. I’ll find where we put the wine.”

Jake put the vinyl table cloth on the camp-supplied picnic table and clamped down the corners so the breeze wouldn’t blow it back, then set the lantern in the center of it. It would be dark soon. Victoria needed a place to work preparing the Hobo Dinners with a twist - instead of a hamburger patty, she used bite-sized cubes of sirloin steak, onion, garlic powder, little new potatoes, baby carrots and celery. After about a 1/2 hour in the hot coals, unwrap the foil, and you have a meal. Jake got the fire started with some kindling and worked to build a solid base of coals before putting larger pieces on the fire. When the coals were ready, it was time to cook. If all went well, after their aluminum foil wrapped dinner, they could watch the sunset from their hilltop campsite over a glass of red wine as the sun called it a day.

Ah, but for Jake and Victoria, the night was still young.

Dinner was pretty good - surprisingly so. No dishes to wash, which was another good thing. The five gallon camp jug of drinking water they brought with them was positioned at the end of the picnic table for convenience in washing up or for drinking. Jake added more wood to the fire to build it up. There is something about a roaring campfire. Eventually, he would stop feeding it so that later, during prime viewing times, there would only be a low glow for just enough light to see back to the tent which had battery operated lanterns.

Victoria opened the second bottle of wine and refreshed their glasses as the sky glowed red, orange and blue. She corked the bottle and kept it handy in the grass as she placed her chair as close as possible to Jake’s chair. She reached over and held his hand as the sun sank lower. Jake took a long sip of his wine and chuckled to himself. “This reminds me of that stupid Cialis commercial on TV where they sit in separate bathtubs and watch the sunset holding hands from three feet away. Seriously? Shouldn’t they be in the same tub or a bigger tub? Shouldn’t they have their hands all over each other?”

Victoria brought the reality, “Of course, they aren’t a real couple, they aren’t really naked and they can’t show that on TV.”

“I know. It just shows me that the scene doesn’t work for me and it makes me wonder if the drug even works.”

“That’s just it. They don’t want the commercial to work on your boner. They want you to buy the drug to make your boner work.”

Jake looked over at Victoria through his sunglasses, then raised them up so she could see the sincerity in his eyes, “Victoria, you’re my Cialis and Viagra combined. I never met anyone like you. I’m not a young man anymore, but you have a way about you that makes me want sex with you all the time. Where did you come from and how did I get so lucky to find you?”

“I’m lucky, too, Jake. Most guys find my intelligence too big of a challenge for their masculinity. Sure, I like geeky things, but what’s wrong with that? I like regular things too. I’m just different, I guess. With you, I don’t feel different. I feel a special sameness. Does that make sense?”

“Sure it does. Let me ask you a question or two. What is your blood type?”

“O negative Rh. Why?”

“Mine, too.”

“Did you every feel different, special or isolated growing up - more than normal kids do?”

“Yes, at least I thought so. Does that mean something?”

“I don’t really know. The Rh- blood antigen factor wasn’t even discovered until 1940 but there are theories that suggest that a critical gene mutation of unknown origin took place somewhere around 25-35,000 years ago. Over the centuries that followed, the Rh- factor spread thru areas now known as Spain, England and Iceland. In fact, living in a pocket civilization with their own language - not related to any Roman or European language - are the Basque people who live near the Pyrenees Mountains and have some 40% of their population containing type O Rh- blood types. Some scientists theorize they are survivors of the destroyed Atlantis; others say they are the result of interbreeding between god and man at some point in pre-history. In general, they are called the Antediluvian Civilizations and also include the Berber peoples and the Guantia peoples of the Canary Islands. Of the world population, only 7-15% of people have our blood type.”

“Wow, that’s interesting. Where did you ever read that? I’ve never heard that before.”

“I once Googled ‘Rh- factor’ and a website popped up about collecting data from all Rh- people as a sort of repository data-bank. I didn’t participate, but I bookmarked the site in my browser. It’s kinda fun to tell people I’m not really from this planet. Ha-ha.”

“Well, you’re just full of useful information that no one will ever use. Aren’t you?” Victoria teased.

“Yeah, you could say that, but I’m not the only one. There are books written and intellectual debates about whose research is the best and who copied what ideas from whom to write their books. There may never be a truth to the whole thing. Just interesting conjecture.” Jake answered.

“Still, it is interesting to feel just a little bit more than special for even such a bogus reason as a blood type.”

“But what if it somehow gave you god-like super-powers that you don’t even know you have?” Jake asked.

“Come on now, Jake. You’re starting to sound like those nerds on that Big Bang TV show only without a PhD.”

“Yeah, we’d better talk about how lovely the fire is or how this sunset is prettier than any other sunset we’ve ever seen before. How long would that conversation last?”

Clearly, Victoria wasn’t in the mood for that conversation after almost two bottles of wine between them. She poured what was left into Jake’s glass and got up to toss the empty bottle in their makeshift trash receptacle. “I’ll be right back.” She said as she pointed toward the nearby bath house down the pathway along the paved road. Jake nodded back. It may have been against the rules, but the bushes for him were closer than the bathhouse.

As night fell, Jake got up from the folding chair and added two more chunks of wood to the fire pit and set-up his telescope aimed in the general direction of the anticipated annual shooting star spectacular. In an afterthought, he got his digital camera out and set it up on its own tripod with a medium telephoto to normal lens and adjusted the settings for long exposures so he could record meteor traces through the skies. Hopefully, he would get more than one since the meteor show was anticipated to produce 50+ per hour. That image would just be too cool. He couldn’t wait to start shooting timed exposures in the darkness of the mountain top camp.

As the sky darkened, Jake trained his telescope on Polaris - the so called, North Star because no matter what time of night the star did not change position in the sky with the rotation of the Earth on its axis. Then he trained it over to look at the 1/4 moon on the rise, which according to the Almanac would would set again before the meteor shower was expected. As he focused on the brightness of the moon, he tried to locate the pieces of the 1969 Lunar Landing module left there by astronauts. Of course, with the limited power of his amateur telescope couldn’t do that.

“Whatcha looking at?” Victoria was back from the bath house.

“I’m trying to find the lunar landing hardware the astronauts left of the surface of the moon.”

“Can you actually see that?”

“No, ... I can barely make out some definition of the craters. This is a relatively low powered telescope and works better for locating wildlife on this planet. I just want to see what I can see only more up close if possible.”  With his eye looking thru the eyepiece, Jake couldn’t see what Victoria was up to behind his back. She threw back the tent flap and knelt down to crawl into the tent just as Jake turned around to see what she was doing. “Leave that tent flap open, pull off those panties and crawl into that tent. I’ll train my telescope on that new moon rising on the horizon. Wiggle it for me if you’re interested.”

“It’s a pretty pale, the regular moonlight will show you just fine.”  Then she turned and smiled over her left shoulder.

Jake trained his telescope and focused on her lovely bottom. Right on queue, she straightened up, pulled down her leggings to her knees and got back down on all fours. As Jake focused tighter, she she wiggled her ass in invitation to romp. The reflected firelight on her untanned butt cheeks seemed to glow as golden as he focused in on her pink rosette. He could swear it winked at him, but it was probably he who blinked into the telescope. The regular moon was rising and there was still several hours before peak viewing hours. Jake put another chunk of wood on the fire and headed toward the tent. Victoria already had the battery lanterns lit, but had thrown a red cotton bandanna over them for a dimming colored light effect. Jake entered, then turned to tie the outside flaps together and zip up the mosquito net screen door. They were in their own little world.

Victoria struggled to untie her boots, remove her socks and get those leggings the rest of the way off. Jake hungered for her again as she intentionally continued flashing her lust equipment in his direction. Jake couldn’t get undressed fast enough as he untied the knot he made trying to get the laces of his boots untied. Victoria knelt behind him and pulled up the back of his shirt and proceeded to rub her hard, erect nipples against him up and down his back. “How do you like this? Does it encourage you to hurry up?” The more hurried he got, the tighter the shoestring knot became. Finally he worked it free and tossed one boot, then the other followed by the socks over in the corner of the tent at the foot of the sleeping bag. He wanted to stand up to get his jeans off, but he didn’t want to break skin contact with Victoria.

Victoria moved back and laid Jake down on his back, then moved to get his jeans down, but she did it by crawling over his head and strategically positioned her pussy over his mouth as she unsnapped, unzipped and pushed his clothes out of the way to turn loose her hardening prize as Jake tasted her upside down. Victoria got busy, too. She slid her hands down the inside of his jeans as he raised his ass off the sleeping bag to assist as much as he could without breaking contact with her hardening clit between his lips. She rocked back and and started lip service on Jake’s hard length. She circled the head with her tongue, leaving lots of saliva that dripped down toward his balls, which she quickly followed downward with her tongue to lap up once it got there. It didn’t take long and Jake was fully hard. That’s what she wanted. She suddenly stopped and turned around to retrieve something from under her clothing bag. She squeezed some of the thick lube onto her fingertips, then spread it thickly around her rosebud entrance.

She patted her ass at Jake and he got up behind her and slowly slid his cock into her already wet pussy and slowly stroked inside and back out again. “Gawd, you feel sooo good.” Jake whispered, as he continued sliding inside. Her breath became rapid, but she wanted more as she reached around to stop Jake from pumping for a second. She took some more lube in the palm of her hand this time and reached around to stroke it on Jake’s cock, good and thick. Then, she took it by the head and directed it to her already lubed sphincter hole and pushed herself slowly back onto him as he held her tightly by her hips and tried to stay still and let her take him at her own pleasure. She pushed a little harder and the head of his cock popped inside her. She left it there a while before she began pushing back some more, still slowly, until she had swallowed him up entirely inside her ass. Jake let out an, ‘Ahhh’, which was all the language he could muster at the moment. He could feel her muscle squeezing then relaxing in a pulse fashion getting accustomed to his size and actually being there.

As Victoria grew more at ease, she rocked herself back and forth so that Jake could watch as he entered and withdrew from her tight opening. She had her own speed and Jake respected that. This was her idea and it should happen her way. She rocked back and forth on her knees as Jake tried to cup her breast with one hand and find her clit with his other hand. His breathing down her neck was arousing her as she finally said what Jake wanted to hear. “Fuck me Jake. Fuck me.” As she said that, she reached back and applied more lube to be sure he had enough. Jake grabbed her hips and slowly picked up speed with his pumping in and out of her tight asshole. It was a different feeling than the normal way, but very pleasurable. She hoped Jake was enjoying himself because she had all the pleasure in the afternoon session. Faster still, they worked as a team. She backed up and he pumped in time with each other. Jake’s ball-sack drew up and he was about to lose control, but Victoria reached underneath and pulled it back down to cause him to delay his orgasm.

She swirled around and wiped the lube off his cock and wanted to finish him with her mouth. She grabbed him at the base of his cock and consumed it in one quick lunge forward, then sucking hard as she withdrew as her fingers formed a ring around it and she used it to jack him as she sucked him, holding his balls cradle fashion. In a short while, his ball-sack drew up tight again and she was ready for him to cum. She stopped just long enough to tell him, “Cum for me Jake. I want you to.” It was going to happen anyway but it was hot to hear her ask for it. With that, he shot spurt after spurt of his man-seed into her mouth and she swallowed it as fast as he gave it to her. She then grabbed the whole of it and squeezed from the back toward the head to extract every last drop, before finally letting him go so he could collapse beside her.

They laid together for a long while wrapped in each other’s arms, breathing in each other’s ears and tasting the mixture of sweat and cologne from each other’s neck. It wasn’t Jake, but Victoria that realized there was still something yet undone in their jointly designed day. The both got minimally dressed and went outside to watch the nighttime show. The events of the day had taken their toll on their energies today, but there were two more nights for viewing shooting stars.

Outside, the fire was glowing red and there was still plenty of heat. Jake abandoned his ideas of searching the skies for things and the camera for photographing streaks of light. He just got into the back of the SUV and pulled out the large furniture moving pad and spread it down in a good spot. They laid down on the blanket and he put his arm under her neck as a pillow and pulled her body close as one by one, they watched the meteorites hit the atmosphere and burn to a cinder as they streaked in an arc across the sky before disappearing altogether from view. Neither made a wish because at that moment, they believed all their wishes had already come true in finding each other.

“Isn’t it neat that they burn so hot for a long time, then slowly fade out?” Victoria whispered so as not to disturb the cricket serenade.

“After having sex with you, I know just how they feel.” In that moment, Jake was, indeed, floating in the Cosmos with his Lady Victoria and smiling. Jake wanted Victoria to be the center of his world, but she had become the center of his universe.

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